How to create hyperlinks in a Blog Post

Yes I know this may seem trivially simple to some, however there are users who struggle to link out of their blog post to another webpage/blogpost. To assist in this teaching process I’ll be using screencaptures of me linking out to a page on Siberian Huskies.

1. First Up you will need to start a brand new blog post on your site.

2. Next up, from your new post, create a title, any title, and in the text box write the name/title of the page/post you will link to.

3. From here you will need to highlight the text you wish to have ‘hyperlinked’ and then click on the chain link icon as shown.

4. You will now be prompted to enter the URL of the page you are linking to, so simply input the URL and make an appropriate title then click “Add Link”

And viola, your hyperlinked words in your text are now… let’s say… “clickable” and will link out to your desired page/post.


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