Project Brief 4 – Final Reflection

Write a final post of minimum 350 words reflecting upon your experience of the studio in the context of your own creative practice and final project.

My experience of this studio was immensely enjoyable. I felt that I gained invaluable knowledge through both the earlier classes where we learned more technical theories and the later classes that involved workshopping, despite my being absent for several of them (sorry!). The thing that stood out for me in this class was the aspect of collaboration. It’s interesting that this was highlighted at the beginning of the semester, being incorporated as a prompt for discussion in our first Project Brief, and I think it just goes to show how significantly it is regarded in a media context. It was here that I initially explored the benefits and outcomes that collaboration affords, but it wasn’t until now, at the end of the semester, that I could actually see how important it was after reflecting on the studio as a whole. The studio felt like it was based on a more interactive level rather than having a rigid class structure, and involved lots of discussions. I think this is especially important given that most people will enter a workforce environment that requires collaborating with others and this class enabled us to gain, or build on, those skills. While I personally did not partake in many discussions I found it extremely helpful listening to what my classmates had to offer and was continually amazed by what people could come up with. In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t been so apprehensive to contribute ideas because everyone was always so receptive in the way they would take an idea, work with it, and give it back in even better form. The atmosphere of this studio was always lively and enthusiastic and I think this made for not just an enjoyable learning experience, but a successful one.

The studio was certainly a test of my abilities. Coming from having minimal experience in media, I was excited to face the challenges that this studio would present. While I feel I could have produced a better final project I still think that the journey along the way was a huge learning experience in itself. One positive that I took away was my ability to reflect on the progression of my work. In the past, reflective writing had never been a strong point of mine, but I found it much easier in this class to navigate my way through this process and develop stronger reflective writing abilities. Again, this would be beneficial to the workforce as it is useful to be able to go back and critically assess how you work through a task, as it can allow you to identify where you might have gone wrong, or what you did well. While I think the process behind the development of the world I created was pretty good, I think it could have been better executed in the final product. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the process and even if the final outcome wasn’t the greatest standard, everything involved in the lead up to it was fun, and beneficial in some way or another!

I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration.


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