Week 6 I found this week’s reading a little harder to grasp than previous. From my understanding of what Gardner is talking about, it is essential, in this modern world to understand the function of the five minds; disciplined, synthesizing, creative, respectful and ethical, and to grasp a certain quality from each, or to excel […]


Week 5 I found this week’s reading to be quite insightful into the future of time management. The points it raises towards the rise of technology and the struggle to find hours in the day is extremely relevant to us as graduates in 2016. The previous thoughts of technology acting as an aid in a […]


Week 4 Reading I think this week’s reading makes some good points. I really like the comparison between the “craftsman mindset” and the “passion mindset”. The first being about immersing yourself in your field to become the best you can be or “so good they can’t ignore you” being a more practical way to approach […]

Media 6

Week 3 I think this week’s reading by Lobato and Thomas has a strong relevancy to my future. I think it applies strongly to all the people who are graduating or entering media professions of all kinds. It addresses the issue of freelancing and being taking advantage of as a young professional in a manner […]


Week 1 So basically from this first reading I’m gathering that computers are going to take over the world. Schwag basically outlines the way in which the ‘internet of things (IoT)’ is starting to structure the technological future of three main sections: physical, digital and biological. ┬áThe way humans are using technology and the ability […]

A World Of Difference

In this article Lederer and Brownlow provide and discuss the statistics that arise when the Entertainment and Media companies are analysed on the struggles they may face when trying to keep up with the modern economy. They pinpoint 5 key areas where the data shows the biggest shifts: Demography, Consumption, Competition, Business Models and Geography. […]


Off The Grid Preparation for our radio feature was a bit more rushed than the time we spent for our live to air show. This is mainly to do with the timeline we were working with. After our Room With A View show was complete we had 2 weeks to focus solely on our feature. […]


Preparation For Live to Air From our demo in the studios we learnt a few things about what we needed to practise and prepare for our live to air on Monday 9th May. As the producer it was my role to contact all our interviewees and prepare the timing and organisation. Staring with submitting our […]