Okay this is a recap of my thoughts and notes of this week’s lecture. I like the specific point of having multiple modes to communicate with different audiences. I realize that not everyone communicates in the same way and providing possibilities within our modern communication world is a good thing, as least that what I think. “Future-oriented practice”, those words resonated within my mind throughout the lecture. Using design fiction as a means of helping one’s future seem a resourceful way for me to deeply reflect on my past learning and fuzzy future. I hope to gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction described in the lecture after finishing this subject and possibly this course. I believe that using design fiction as one of my ways of thinking would become an important tool to help my future.

My ears really tuned into the example of Google and their informal design thinking and that it has really made the company such a success over their competitors. Google employees use their company’s philosophy and are given the opportunity to creatively “play” with other employees on speculative projects. For Google, it’s a win-win situation where any useful project that employees come up with in their “play-time” would be well received if it improves the company. Another point that was brought up was the question, “How far do we speculate the future?”. Due our our modern society advancing faster than in the Dark Ages, can a person be able to “forecast” the future correctly and possibly become rich in the process? Well due the unpredictability of what can become popular or viral, it is impossible and difficult to predict the future.

To conclude, the Networked Media’s mission statement was to learn about thinking and not about learning how to make (useless) stuff. I’ll try to do that, sir!