Well, three weeks in, and the new-and-improved (un)lecture symphonism is either taking a toll on the maladjusted students or it’s slowly warming up to them. Either way, this forum lecture is having an effect on me, I’m approaching it cautiously, absorbing the information into my brain and listening in to the discussions.

In the lab classes and outside of the theatre room when the lecture ends, I have been hearing complaints about the subject and that the info presented in the lectures were useless. Apparently, the majority of this unlecture was booked in by Adrian addressing the mysterious “statement question” in the lecture slide. I gotta admit it was up on the projector for a while.

Due to subject being recently updated, it has a flexible or nonexistent structure. I can understand how students could be frustrated and confused at the way this experimental lecture structure is being handled. The main reason to have this structure in the first place was to unpack the readings together with the lecturers and the students being in one space.

I do admit that Elliot’s and Jasmine’s observations were pushed back to the last 10 minutes of the unlecture. I did managed to wrap my head around their ideas about the readings but I felt that their explanations were a bit rushed and short.

In conclusion, this week’s unlecture took a small step back from last week’s unlecture. Since the unlectures are still in its early phase, I’m willing to stick around and see where it goes.