Well, this is my first (belated) blog post for COMM2219 – Networked Media. I was surprised and terrified at the same time about the thought of starting a blog for uni. With my naturally lazy personality, I didn’t like the challenge of starting up a blog and committing to it. I’m pretty sure if I made a New Year’s Resolution to start a blog, I would have failed that promise right from the get-go. Sigh. But under these specific circumstances, I guess I’m backed to a corner now. Now, I gotta fight back and try to beat this challenge. Hrm, I keep forgetting if this is can be a diary or not, well… since it’s a place where I can gather my thoughts and put it down on (electronic) paper… I guess I’m okay to think so…(?)

Right, I just rambled on and on…. Back to the original reason of this post like it says on the title “The Boat”, the reading for Week Zero. Hrm, when I finished it, the image of the Titanic pose keeps popping into my head (cue Celion Dion’s My Heart Will Go On). LOL. RIGHT, SERIOUS MODE ARGHHHHHHH…

Since my brain is failing me to come up with serious questions, I’ll answer the suggested ones. I guessing it would be a very turbulent and seasick experience, naivgating the rough seas of the media universe of knowledge. I would need the basics and reasoning of networked media to allow me to float across the semester 2 seas. It is a visual metaphor for me, imo. It describes me stranded in this boat within the Internet ocean of information. I hope I would eventually learn and teach myself how to navigate this ocean and survive in the end.

I guess this is long enough for a first blog post. First down,  more to go.