Reporting on the budget

As everyone in the country is aware, the Federal Government released its predicted budget for 2014 and onwards. Everyone was expecting cuts but perhaps not to the extent that has been revealed. With much too talk about until it is finalised, it is interesting to analyse the difference in the way our two leading papers – The Age and The Herald Sun – have covered this week’s events.

It is quite obvious to see who the biggest ‘hater’ is out of the two with The Age slandering almost every aspect of Abbott’s plan for future spending. The article, ‘Federal budget 2014: school cuts ‘will entrench disadvantage‘, written by Benjamin Preiss highlights the negatives the budget will have on schools once $130 million dollars is cut from their spending. What’s funny about this article is that he mentions towards the end that in fact, the proposed budget will continue to fund schools, therefore the government will be meeting its commitment to education.


The Herald Sun appears to me to be far more understanding of the cuts to schools and universities, stating the clear facts without pressing forward a negative stance. The article, ‘Federal Budget 2014: Universities to change degree costs as students hit with earlier repayments’ describes simply what is to occur if the budget goes ahead. While it still doesn’t sound good, journalist Lauren Wilson does not attempt to outrage readers so far as Preiss.

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Either way, both articles deliver unhappy news to university and school students if it is to go ahead.

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