RWAV Demo Analysis

Around 1 month ago, our group completed their demo for the Room With a View program. Now, with a show under our belt, it’s important to look back at our first show and reflect on what has changed, but also what still needs improving.

Listening back, the demo was a lot more positive and professional than I remember. I think upon immediate reflection, everything goes so fast when recordng a program, that you are almost inclined to just immediately beleive it was a disaster. However, there a number of impressive things in the show that I am really happy about. One of these is Sally’s transitioning between sponsorship, song and stinger on the panel. It sounds professional and is an excellent way of reminding the listener where they are without stepping in on the mic. Another thing I am happy with is our discussion of the feature after it has played, this definitely centers the feature as a part of the program itself. The only thing I could add would be to perhaps discuss the feauture beforehand as well.

There were some things I noticed that need to be improved for our 2nd show, however. One of these was the inclusion of a conversation between hosts as a whole segment. It just isn’t that interesting, regarldess of the topic and is something that doens’t really fit with the “tone” of what RWAV is about. Secondly, we state the upcoming and recently played songs a bit too “officially”, almost like we are making a statement in front of a court. In the future, I think the program would come off a lot smoother if we were more casual and relaxed in saying what the upcoming and previously-played music was.

The demo is linked below with the timecoded annotations:



Obviously just a bit rusty here, saying ‘weekend’ instead of ‘morning’, it’s to be expected.


I think Jess has improved a lot since this demo, where in the official show she sounded fantastic, a lot more natural and relaxed.


I think the bouncing off each other in conversation works here, something that we have tried to carry on in later shows


I don’t think the idea of a conversation between hosts as a segment works well here. I’m glad that in the future we minimised this and created better content.


I think we saying the songs a bit too “officially” here, and it’s still a problem we have encountered later in the show


The jokes definitely don’t work here, I’m glad we reduced this to some extent, but it still could have been reduced a little bit more in later shows.


I think the interview works well here, we don’t “force” responses to the questions. Sometimes it’s easier just to move on to the next question and let the answer speak for itself


I think we worked well here talking about risky content. It fits well with RRR’s image, I believe


I think the way Sally coordinated everything throughout this sequence was fantastic. It just goes to show that the problems we encountered with the later show were not our fault. I think on the 29th if we have an uninterrupted show the transition between sponsorship and music it could sound much more professional


i think we could have definitely introduced the feature a bit more here. This is something we will look to improve upon on the 29th


I think reflecting on the feature after works really well. When we play the feature on the 29th, I think it would work well to discuss it before and after.


We had some technical difficulties here, I think we dealt with it well by covering it, but we could have jumped in a little sooner. This would be better achieved by greater and more reactive communication between the panel and hosts.


I like the backtracking here, it works well and makes the show feel more professional. Talking about specific things in the interview demonstrates that we were paying attention as well.

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