Media 3 – Project 1

In the past six months my family and I have moved house five times, four of those times being within the past month. Our house in Balaclava is getting renovated and it’s taking a lot longer than everyone thought. Therefore, when taking my videos, audio recordings and photos, I wasn’t sure which house to capture. The house we are in at the moment is definitely not “my home”, however I call it that when talking about where I’m going… “I’m going home after school”… but the place I would tell people is my ACTUAL home has been completely knocked down.

I thought it would be interesting to film my short videos at my renovated house, and then the photos and audio recordings at the house we are living in at the moment. I recorded sounds that are familiar and are heard at every place we live. Sounds like the kettle boiling, my dog barking and other ‘family home’ sounds that you would find at my house. For my photos I decided to take them on the things we are bringing with us from house to house – our toiletries, food, teapot, computer – and then other things I like in the house. I also took two photos of the same window, one when it was day time and one when it was nighttime, to demonstrate how the light projects into my lounge room and also changes the atmosphere of the room.

By placing the videos, images and sounds of my two houses together, it clearly shows the difference between the two places I refer to as “home”. Whilst moving around, the things that define home for me are my family, my dog and a place to sleep. I think it would also be interesting to take videos of my house when the renovations are complete to see the comparisons between the building.

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