Oopsies…. Late Blog 4

Today I ask the question – How is popular culture apart of our everyday life and who is involved?

The popular online and print magazine, Broadsheet, is a clear example of how popular culture plays a role in everyday life. People can subscribe and receive updates, read, watch and listen to information that is included in the magazine. Stacy Takacs states that one of the definitions of culture is that “it identifies culture as a process we participate in, rather than a static body of knowledge we possess (or fail to possess).” This magazine definitely forces the audience to participate, by linking websites that relate to the article, or including pictures and music which captivates the audience.

This idea of an online magazine that involves the audience and has articles which interest a wide range of people is becoming very popular. There are many other websites such as Pedestrian and Three Thousand. People spend much more time reading the news on the internet these days than reading a printed copy of the newspaper or magazines. However questioning who the people (audience) are of ‘popular culture’ and how we identify them can make things tricky… Do we have to group all ‘popular culture people’ together? Can’t they come from all different types of social groups yet still be engaged in some things that full under the popular culture category?

Takacs, S. (2015). Interrogating Popular Culture: Key Questions, “What is Popular Culture?” (Chapter One), Routledge: New York, pp. 1-17.