Haylee and I had an incredible experience shooting Ariel. It was smooth, fun, and surprisingly in-depth (on Ariel’s part). He warmed to us as soon as we set up and assured him we weren’t going to probe him about anything personal or anything too controversial regarding the business. He was very sweet from that point onward and he changed his tune completely! From “I have about 3 minutes spare” to “would you like me to say more? Stay! Have coffee with us!”. We were so happy with the results. Haylee on sound, myself on camera and direction. We worked seamlessly together. So much so that we’ve decided to pair up for future filmmaking endeavours. Haylee is going to accompany me on a documentary I am in pre-production stages for. Following a musician named Spike Fuck – her music (recording a second album) and recovery from heroine addiction (music as a process of recovery, an outlet and as a healing passion for her mental illness). I couldn’t be happier about working with Haylee for this studio, it’s been a blessing.

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