Case Study: Online Video Advertisement – MaybellineAU Makeup Tutorial (Informative Advertisement)



What is it? Maybelline is an internationally renowned American makeup brand, owned by the French cosmetics company L’oreal. Maybelline’s slogan ‘maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline’ is ubiquitous on traditional media outlets. This particular video is a ‘how-to’ makeup tutorial using Maybelline’s latest eyeliner product: Master Graphic liner.

Where is it displayed: Youtube. Youtube is a video sharing website which allows users upload, share, and comment on a large database of videos.

Content: Makeup artist, Nigel Stanislaus, presents three “graphic eye looks” using Maybelline New York product the Master Graphic liner.

Format: The video length (1.35min) is web specific as it is not constrained by traditional TV time lengths: 15-60 seconds. The production quality, however, is similar to that of traditional media i.e. high definition cameras, proper lighting design, impressive graphics.

Accessibility/Exposure: This video (alongside other MabellineAU produced videos) is first to appear in a list of videos displayed when a youtube browser searches for ‘makeup tutorial’ and, more specifically, ‘eyeliner tutorial’. Similarly, it appears automatically before other makeup tutorial videos, including at-home diy produced and uploaded  by youtube members.

Audience: The audience is user-selected and targeted. Unlike a far reaching broadcast audience, this video is set within a contextually relevant user browsing experience. For example, a woman or man seeking youtube tutorials on how to apply a ‘smokey eye’, or, similarly, someone seeking a youtube makeup product review.

Devises: This video is playable on computer and smartphone/tablet devices. It is not televised.

Intention: This video sits somewhere between branded entertainment and informative advertising. It’s sole purpose is to sell the product, though instead of merely advertising the product, the product gains credibility through demonstrating how its used to achieve desirable looks.

Engaging: The video is short, snappy and palatable, and thus engaging to viewers.

Effective: The video succeeds in displaying a range of looks achievable with the Master Graphic liner and therefore fulfils its purpose in promoting and selling the product to interested audiences.




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