Meeting Brief 7.2

While it was my original idea to focus on a individual who collected keycaps as I begun my storyboarding I was struggling to a story without the appearance of the community. Not only did this absence mean I was not completely the project brief but left me with a weak storytelling thread.  This was the original shot list I had:

Shot 1: Medium shot of Jake at his desk computer is in fame as well as keyboard
Shot 2: Close up on fingers typing on keys, long exposure (?) to capture led on keys and finger strokes.
Shot 3: Over shoulder shot of screen, would have forum post (GeekHack) in focus.

Shot 3 was originally important as I wanted to try and create the idea of community however without actual psychical interaction I am limited to the same area (a bedroom and desk) for a lot of the shots.

Shot 4: [Move outside] Checking mail taking from inside the house
Shot 5: Unboxing of the keycaps, close up on hands
Shot 6: Replacing caps, would try to take from above while he was on floor to create child like wonder of playing with toys
Shot 7: Long shot would have Jake standing at train station with board underarm like brief case
Shot 8: Jake waiting in fed square: he’s on the edge of the frame and a figure can be seen approaching in background
Shot 9: Close up on the exchange of key caps
Shot 10: Jake returning home and checking the mail again
Shot 11: Jake in bed with keyboard in 2/3 of the frame glowing.

Although I find this shots would make interesting stills they upon further reflection do not create a story. They would be much rather suited to another collection for future projects.

Over the weekend I’m hoping to get in touch with the games design community in Melbourne in order to see if a more interesting photo journal can be created.

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