Analysis/Reflection #7

Unfortunately I missed class on Wednesday and failed to produce anything to show for the class, which we were meant to do over the 5 days following class on Friday last week. I’d copped the brunt of mid semester assessments and clearly didn’t manage my time effectively enough. I am excited to undertake this however, and have some ideas which I will, ideally, complete over the next few days.

The propositions today (Friday), were incredibly interesting and inspired. After presenting, I challenged the ideas I put through in my own proposal. A particularly interesting propositions came from Jason, who talked about focusing on doing exercises based off of a concept with very little pre-production, instead favouring improvisation, with the intention of exploring a new method of film making. This contrasted with my own proposal, which was more of a reflection of my interest in exploring and polishing my understanding of traditional production. Likewise, Maddie’s proposal, in exploring the pros and cons of two vastly different methods of directing also struck a chord. What fascinated me was her explanation of the directing style of Nicholas Winding Refn, director of Drive and Bronson. Apparently Refn shoots everything in chronological order, and only comes to set with a few rough sketches, allowing him and the actors more flexibility and freedom during the shoot. I was relatively happy with my presentation, but couldn’t help but feel like i’d missed the point to a certain extent, given that most of the people after me gave a relatively concise delivery of the direction they intend to take, whereas mine was more like an analysis/reflection post.

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