My Method #5

venturing into high fiction

– guns

– special effects

– sets

– etc

One of the main appeals of filmmaking is making the impossible a reality. I have always been fascinated by fantasy and science fiction. Yet, even these are extreme examples of what I am attempting to explore and extrapolate in this reflection. something as basic as foreign scenery, a foreign concept or a foreign character for me, at this current time, seems like a daunting and challenging prospect to articulate believably to an audience in film. The thought of using guns in a scene comes to mind. Though I have fired a gun (once), the idea of using them in a film seems hard as it is not immediately relevant to my life and culture. Yet guns (again, an example) are common place in fiction, a well as non-fiction, and as such should be considered seriously when approaching the task of believability in filmmaking. It would certainly be an interesting (and necessary) exercise, either in this course or indecently in the future, to attempt to incorporate elements which are unrealistic into a scene in a way that doesn’t look silly or hacky.

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