Reflection/Epiphany 2

Possibly the most exciting thing that stuck out to me this week was just a comment by Paul about the course to come. While a week ago I had changed my preconception about the course, I still hadn’t completely comprehended the aim of the unit, beyond better understanding movie’s and movie making. In talking about the assignment which we are expected to articulate our work methodology and style, he mentioned that this was the primary aim of the course, to come up with our own method and style. While it’s obvious that this is expected, given that we are doing an outcome halfway through the semester in which we literally have to articulate this, I’m excited because this has been a source of some anxiety for me in the past. I am very much looking forward to discovering the bones of my creative pallet, the work I do on this unit will most likely have a dramatic impact on any future work that I do.

Already I have noticed, not just myself but all of my peers, getting more confident and fluid in the exercises tasked to us. I gain more confidence from the knowledge that these exercises will only become more challenging and exciting as we have the opportunity and forum to practice the technical skills necessary and grow creatively.

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