Analysis/Reflection 2 – Q4

Rolling is the most compelling and polished piece of work done by students I have seen presented in the tutorials so far. The protagonist of the film was very well cast, he had a strong sense of comedic timing and clear facial expressions and body language which gave us as an audience terrific insight into the character. There were a number of engaging shots throughout the piece. For example, the camera following the character walking down the isle, tracking backward made for a visually interesting a dynamic shot, which also contrasted well with the stillness of the shots during dialogue. There were however a number of shots that made me uncomfortable, or more importantly, made me notice that something wasn’t quite right. A good example of this is during the first exchange between the two characters. I have been previously taught that shots of people or subjects should prescribe to the rule of thirds. More specifically, if a character is in dialogue with another, the character speaking should have there eyes positioned in the top right or left hand conflict points depending on where the actor is facing. Throughout this movie there a shots of the actor positioned directly in the middle of the frame or positioned on the wrong side of the frame according to the direction they are facing. This cause me to a) notice the flaw in the cinematography and b) caused discomfort as a result of this recognition. Overall it was a fine film but a few small, easily avoidable aspects detracted from my overall experience.

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