Film-TV1 (reflection task 1 – Q1)

My aims/Goals/expectations for this unit are:
Screen writing – I am greatly looking forward to the opportunity to write and develop an original narrative through the process which is prevelant in the industry. Knowing exactly how to brainstorm, develop and realise something that I have written is hugely appealing.

Working with others – very rarely would a film project be shot, edited and written by one person. This is why I’m looking forward to the major group assignment. Last year I missed out on being present for the day we went to shoot our major video task, and I look forward to discovering how working as a team can produce a piece of work of a higher quality than I could achieve on my own.

Technical skills – while I’m not exactly sure how much we will learn about the technical aspects of film making, I would assume it will be a fairly major component of the course. I just bought my own camera wch shoots hd video so I look forward to experimenting with it and getting the best from my equipment.

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