GTA V review

Last week I made the terrible decision to buy Grand Theft Auto V. I say it was a terrible decision because the game is so ridiculously huge and awesome that I ended up binging on it for hours a day until I had finished the main story line. GTA V is a testiment to how far video games have come, featuring interchangeable characters, a immersive and organic world, and attention to detail previously unseen. The option smoke a bong in your house or do yoga in the backyard, are just 2 of the many bizarre and seemingly mundane activites you can do in game. The characters a loveable and dynamic, my favourite being the speed freak trevor who could snap like a twig at any moment, sending him on a murderous rampage, but still being hilarious and likeable, not an easy feat. The cinematic cut scenes are completely acted out and the level of dramatic depth the audience experiences as a consequence is deeply satisfying.
I very much look forward to GTA online, which is due to be released in about a weeks time. Free to play for any owner of GTA V, GTA online offers the ultimate GTA experience. In any given session you can play with up to 16 of your friends, hijacking planes and getting into shoot outs with the police. This game could very well be the death of me, but I burning with anticipation. 10 out of 10. AMAZING

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