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Today, I am introducing the Generation Y behaviour towards social media. Apparently there’s a new phobia like we are more afraid of losing our mobile phones than losing our wallet! I think people nowadays should bring awareness over this issue.

Generation Y grew up with technology, so being connected and tech savvy is in their DNA. Equipped with latest technology and dagets, such as iPhones, laptops and lately tablests. Generation Y want to go more pretty places to take pictures and make their lives look more glamorous on Instagram. The app has essentially become our generation’s way of maximizing any situation by capturing a small, deceptive square’s worth of information to convince our peers we are more exciting than we really are.

And if not enough people like their photos, well… that’s when people get mad. Really, really mad. Most of the people these days are addicted to the virtual word and do not live to reality, they tend to avoid the setbacks in life. The unreal praise in the virtual world are indeed exciting however it might would not give the courage to one to face reality.

To many people, Instagram is like a stage, and their followers are their audiences. Their followers monitor the stuff they share on social media, which forces them to build this image of a ‘perfect person’ living in a good live.

So… The questions are… What are followers on Instagram? Why are the relationships on it seemingly shallow and self-serving, is Instagram gaining popularity and publicity? With Instagram, its “news feed” feature allows “friends” or followers to consume news content from other people and stay in touch through the content being shared.

With a hilarious new cast of comedians actors and personalities chatting about all new topics, this series is the most accurate dissection of the current trends and activities our generation indulges in.

Also, I will be introducing Malaysia Eye Candy. It is a popular instagram account that has 102k followers and the number of followers are still gaining. A slang term for attractiveness, Eye Candy is defined as someone or something that is visually attractive or pleasing to look at. The profile ONLY and strictly share beauiful instagram girls in Malaysia. Due to the popularity of the account, young girls tend to edit their picture to look good so that they can get a shout out by the account and gain followers, because the more followers and ‘likes’, the more famous they will become.

In sum, as with all the past social networking sites, the potential for abuse is always there. But if utilized constructively, it can assist in making our lives easier, more productive and stay more connected with each other.




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