Collaboration post for Film 3

Creating the media products for this course was a lot of fun as I recall.  I spent many hours doing research on my tasks, trying to make it perfect. My lecture actually pushed me to make it a better product, guide me and will constantly check on me and my group members about the video project and I was pleased that he had done that.  The group assignment, where we were given and created the tasks of video project, went fairly smoothly most of the time.  We planned in a separate document and then produced the unit together.  I think that my contribution to every group task that we had in every class was a little bit less than other group members and I am very thankful every of the group members that I paired with are being so helpful. Especially Ali and Farina.

I am quite happy with the whole production as I did quite well from research to planning to production then finally evaluating. I have met my aim and felt I have tried my very best. I found that working with colour balance is a specialist skill but it is great to have learned more about manipulating the image to create the look and feel you are after. Also, during my planning, I was happy with my overall performance. In addition, I found that my planning continued through to the production. I found the production process very fun and I learnt a lot. I feel that my time management has improved and it is vital to concentrate in the period of shooting. Moreover, I learnt more filming skills as well as meeting and working with others. In sum I felt that I evaluated my final project well and I have learnt the the genre change as well because it gives me the chance to explode my creativity.


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