Interview over the weekend

I am glad that I finally done my interview with four of my interviewees during the weekend. I filmed people with the same location but in different angles. On the other hand, my editing style will be adjusting the brightness/contrast, hue/saturation and shadow to make this video to be more effective to the audience. Then, in order to make the video seems to fit naturally with the song, the music needs to be in time with every single screen.

The make up will be as natural as possible in the video, this is to ensures the best images can be present to the audiences and give myself the freedom to adjust and edit the light effect. However, the clothes colour and hair style must keep as simple as possible. Besides, the requirement of surrounding sound must be as quiet as possible, because the unnecessary noise may affect the outcome of the video as well.

Also I realise, the weather conditions are also a important requirement during the shooting, for example, raining day may affect the light effect and filming effect. The interview went really smooth because interview questions were very simple and straight forward, except the the lighting for the film is the only problem because some of them only free at night. Hopefully I can touch up and edit a little bit during editing.

Last but not least, I want to say millions times of thank you to them for participate and helped me for my last assignment.



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