The relationship between theory and practice

The relationship between theory and practice

In this project, I did a lot of theory work (research) to ensure the project I made had thought behind it, and was planned out.

It was important to be to make sure the work was completed at a level I was pleased with, and therefore I had to research water and rain, its appearance and importance in film, and the many aspects to why water is important.

In this project, I had to ask myself questions such as:

  • What are you making?
  • What would we like to achieve?
  • What is the hoped-for outcome?
  • How will you create this?
  • What are your location plans?

I researched and watched films with water as a main focus. To begin with, I took photographs of water so that I could get a certain level of understanding on the object which I was planning on focusing on. This research enhanced my project as it provided knowledge and ideas about how to shoot water – and what different water images may differ. I filmed on DSLRs, and my phone to try different images, and noted my results on each project.

The relationship between theory and practice is important. If I didn’t do research, I wouldn’t have been able to justify my actions in filming – or have a great idea of my plans.


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