Although for my project I filmed, recorded audio and edited it myself, collaboration was still an important part of finishing the work.

There was a lot of collaboration in class. I learnt a lot by Paul teaching the class as a whole about how to work cameras, colour grading, white balancing and using lighting equipment. Throughout the semester, I worked with a lot of different classmates in different class exercises and our collaborations allowed for ideas and certain filming ideas to come about, including filming locations.

In one group, we filmed my idea as an expertise video – we filmed water around RMIT. This was an important collaboration moment, because working with a group with my idea allowed for me to think about using water as a tool in a shot (we shot people walking through water), we experimented with shadows, smoke and water, and looked at water residue on the ground and on plants. This gave me a wider understanding and appreciation of my idea.

Collaboration is a great tool in filming, and it is incredibly useful to gain others insight. I worked with Paul and discussed my ideas and made them greater.

Although I didn’t work with someone directly when producing my final project, along the way, I got inspiration and ideas off of many of my classmates which was crucial to my assignment.


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