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Korsakow Vid

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.11.38 PMSo I just watched two videos of the past students of this course. One of them was called Bright Splinter (2012) and another is called Hands: Thinking Out Loud (2013).

I find both of this project remarkably marvelous. The Bright Splinter’s video is basically of time lapse and I find them well and beautifully shot. The lights are amazing and as well as the movement of clouds. One of the videos was being merged with another which was a time lapse of the busy city and a low opacity video of people moving around which I probably believe was to indicate the busy life of the city.


Another video was Hands: Thinking Out Loud. I find this Korsakow project very artistic. It’s about exploration of the human condition through experimental observations. The whole project is mainly focused on the human hands. The video is about noticing these small gestures of our hands in our everyday lives.


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