This week’s lectorial is about “audiences and fandom”. We learned about what audiences and fans means to media and what kind of people will care about what audiences thinks. Audiences and fans both watch or follow media, but in a different way. This class got me thinking what is the difference between these two groups of people.

Audience is a huge group people, any one who is watching a TV show is an audience of that show, but they don’t have to be a fan of the show. Audience basically means a person who is watching or following a type of media. Fans on the others hand have a much stronger attachment to certain people or media. They are passionate at the subject the follow and they also have a stronger reaction to any information related to the subject. For example I’m a fan of basketball and Cavaliers (an NBA team). I watch their games and pay attention to any news of them. I et excited when they win a game. My father is just an audience of basketball because there’s no particular team that he likes and he just watch games for fun.

On a media student’s standpoint, it is definitely better for a media to have more fans than normal audiences because fans produce way more profit than others. To have a lot of audiences is a goal when we start something new. As we develop further, huge amount of fans are what media makers are fighting for.