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About Truth
Drawing inspiration from Michael P. Lynch and Michel Foucault, I believe that “truth”: 1) can be interpreted as objective knowledge and 2) such information can be utilised for self-serving yet necessary objectives. In identifying truth as objective (More)
Wk 13 Putting into Perspective
The CONTENT of this post includes: - Table of Past Posts - 22.5s video summary of works - Goals Revisited: Assessing Achievements - Challenges: Assessing Obstacles and Failings - The Work: Assessing Various Purposes of Shoots - Process: syste (More)
Wk 2 A Systematic Process to Learning and Doing
Scroll down for video. LEARNING PROCESS What is so scary about being in a new environment, learning something new? It is not exactly the unknown or “newness” that I most fear. More specifically, it is the fear of helplessness; not understanding wha (More)
Wk 11 Two-Faced: Second Edit Editing colour is a pain in the ass. Click here to compare with previous edit. Video has two distinct parts, separated b (More)
Week 9 Workshop
We started the week 9 workshop by having a film festival of all the project brief 3's. They were all really amazing. I observed a spectrum from students who made a very broad profile of a person, asking generic questions to get an all-around view (More)
Week 10 Workshop
In this week's workshop, we started by discussing Figure, Ground and Field sounds, picking up from the reading. We looked at some photos, and categories the sounds one would hear in those situations into the three categories. What we ended up realisi (More)
Workshop Week 11
In this workshop Liam among other things discussed the PB4 with the class and then gave us a brief introduction into 'Adobe Audition' and everyone favourite free audio software 'Audacity'. I really paid attention to what Liam was saying about auditio (More)
Workshop Week 12
Unfortunately I was not able to come to the last workshop but I was able to attain what the industry professionals had to say about our groups rough cut for PB4. Our rough cut for PB4 contained dialogue between Arnel and I, Arnel played the weirdl (More)
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