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Reflection 4: Thinking in Fragments
Through the interactive video platform Eko and the social media tool Instagram, our short film had responded to the following qualities of online media: interactivity, multi-perspective, automation and cross-platfor (More)
TiF Final Reflection
NET ADAPTATION felt like a step in the right direction in terms of finally figuring out a way to appropriately and engagingly incorporate the possibilities offered by screen media. When trying to explain what this studio was to friends of mine at the (More)
Our final project, Place Pattern Flow explores movement and fluidity. It utilises the human body as an instrument to convey pattern and shape reflective of the physical (More)
Project Work
Final Reflection - Week #13
Alas, the end is here. Another semester down, and this is actually my final semester of uni. What a journey it's been.     I (More)
Thinking In Fragments - Assignment 4 (Reflection)
Living In Fragments is our interactive Eko film that we produced to depict a popularly misrepresented and misunderstood mental health condition, Dissociative Identity Disorder. Our fragmented film follows Dina, a young student living with multiple id (More)
Thinking In Fragments - Assignment 1 (Development)
The ubiquitous presence of the Internet has allowed for greater accessibility to an extensive range of streaming media. The Internet already has its ow (More)
Thinking in Fragments Assignment 4: Reflection
As a quick summary, for this assignment my group created an interactive documentary called "Net Adaptation", which centred on the question of "How are creative industries ha (More)
Project Work - Week #12
Access to our project work can be found here! Ou (More)
Thinking In Fragments - Assignment 4 (Project Work)
Living In Fragments - An Interactive Film (2018) (More)
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