X-Men: Apocalypse – Sansa, lemons, four horsemen and who is Jubilee

I didn’t even inhale popcorn while watching this movie, guys. There must be something seriously done wrong or something seriously done right.

(there are no in-betweens….maybe)

  1. Sansa/Sophie/Jean was like looking at a full-bloomed lemon tree knowing that any time now, life’s just about to give you some lemons.
  2. Isaac’s Apocalypse wasn’t as intimidating as I thought he would be but he’s blue and that makes up for it.
  3. The Four Horsemen of Weakness or was it just me?
  4. I never thought Scott to be that cocky for a boy who kept “blinking” at someone else’s girlfriend. The head nod to the joyride made up for it, though. Gotta love my X-Men Evolution.
  5. Who is Jubilee?
  6. What is her significance to the story?
  7. Quiksilver has just replaced vanilla cupcake as my favourite nail colour.
  8. I do feel really bad for Magneto. When will he ever get a break, you know?
  9. Wolverine!……again.

I think this series packed a punch in the introductory sense but it begs the question of are we restarting the X-Men franchise again with this cool new kiddos ‘cause I’m pretty sure I’m all for it? Was Quicksilver killed in The Avengers so that his story is explored more here in the X-Men franchise because I think that’s smart? 

There are many ways to enjoy the “end” of this franchise and that is by believing that it, in fact, will not. With X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)’s timeline-altering consequences, there is an expectation of character-driven storylines that can involve a hypersexualised Wolverine to a teenaged Jean Grey and a more soulful Scott Summers; Rogue, where’s Rogue? and Nightcrawler in his corduroys cheating on a game of catch me if you can.

I’m a little bit all over the place but I enjoyed it more than my niece and nephew did. Apparently they slept the entire time. Amateurs.

xoxx out of xoxo

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