Reflection on visual aesthetic: the Pride & Prejudice

There are certain films that beguiles, encapsulates, wraps you up in tenderhearted sentimentalities as you go flying up, up, up in a cloudless sky where dreams are made of, grasped, and you can ride beyond fields of imagination made real.

And as a young girl of twelve then, I found this in Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice.

~ Yarra Valley Shoot ~ 

Pride and Prejudice.mp4

I was heavily inspired by Kevin Macleod’s “Calmant” as I put this little piece together. Again, as noticed the exposure is not to my liking as DSLR’s are still not my forte. I’m going for this kind of look:

I have read that for his film Atonement, also a gorgeous and visually similar film to P&P, Joe Wright stretched Christian Dior stockings over the camera lens to achieve soft focus, and that, my friends, is the kind of aesthetic I am here to emulate and be inspired by.

In this particular piece that I’ve put together, however, my focus was on the music and soundscape. I have an inherent adoration for nature and filming on-location, capturing the magical beauty of the natural world as they are and so I augmented this theme/sentiment by adding a soft, nature soundscape (Koyoora autumun afternoon).

Without the use of tripod, it does look quite clunky at best but reflecting back on it (edit: watching the clip many times over), I realised that with the combined music and soundscape, it almost makes the film feel surreal, as if you’re floating, almost, particularly towards the end.

I plan to explore this aspect of filming with next time using a tripod, similar music and soundscape, and different exposure as well.

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