a variety of exciting projects and what I garnered from them

During today’s presentation of ideas, I thoroughly enjoyed the eclectic mix of project proposals each person had in mind to create and produce by the end of the semester. From an exploration of lighting and mise-en-scene, to the philosophical, the long-take and what makes editing good or bad, the thought process and the means to do so are both encouraging as their fellow media-maker and also a stimulant to one’s creative plotting and/or scheming.

What I garnered from the proposals that could perhaps lend itself to my own project is directed more towards those who were interested in mise-en-scene, framing and composition, lighting (I am horrible also and I aim to befriend thy project-owner so you can teach me your skills), and editing, particularly the action-editing sequence.

Action-editing: this particular component (editing in general, really) is crucial to the way I will be structuring my short film. Would a variety of cuts ranging from close-ups, medium-shots, etc. would allow for more freedom in using cinemagraphs in a variety of ways and thus, convey the narrative aspect of the short film more fluidly?

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.37.34 PM

Framing and composition: I am aiming for a more intimate feel as an aesthetic and also as to ease the burden of ambitiousness. But stay tuned for this because after writing a script or shot list, it may just change. Besides, one must think about feasibility always.


First things first: SCHEDULING. Will return with a more updated schedule for short film production!

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