Character Profiles


Juliet is a lonely middle aged woman. She is pale. She is slightly overweight and quite boring. Just last night I came up with the idea of having Juliet’s story run parallel with the town. Juliet, like the town was once bright, caring and pretty. As the years have gone by She has lost her spark, her personality is smothered and subdued. To quote a piece of creative writing I did a month or so back for this course ‘Time doesn’t tell us what it takes, it just takes’. This rings true for Juliet.


So far I have portrayed Ryan as being a blank canvas. He is non-reactionary and is a symbol of the average person. However, I think I would like him to not just be average, but to be polar-opposite of the people of this town. For him to wear knitted jumpers, glasses, well-read, underweight, maybe even snobbish or a know-it-all. Because he is my protagonist he needs to be stronger, more identifiable.

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