Week 11 lectorial reflection

This week’s lectorial was centred on the idea of remix culture and its place within media. One idea that was particularly interesting was that of copyright and how remixing fits into the ethics of copyright. If an individual alters a song so far from its original intent does that then make it okay? My personal opinion is no. When an artist has created a piece of work it should not then be open to any interpretation or variation. We were introduced to Greg Gillis or commonly known as Girl Talk to further explore the ethics of remix culture. Girl Talk uses a multitude of artist within one remix and alters them far beyond recognition. Gillis strongly believes he has the right to change/alter music however much he wants, and to not allow him to do it hinders his creativity. The copyright expert featuring in RIP! A Remix Manifesto believe Gillis is simply ‘taking something it was and making it into something it isn’t. This idea is very interesting when considering the ethics involved with remixing, if an artist only ever intended their work to sound one way, shouldn’t it only be presented that way. On the flip side, however, if another artist has another vision should they be a will to create/change a piece to make something entirely new.


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