Reflective portfolio #4

This week’s lectorial consisted of two incredibly insightful speakers: Adrian Miles and Liam Ward.

Adrian Miles primarily spoke of the ways in which we approach study and how often we find comfort in conceptualising an idea as if it were a ‘thing’. This was of particular interest to me as, like many, I am guilty of this. When a large assignment is due soon, and I haven’t completed or, in some cases, haven’t started, I relieve my sense of anxiety by thinking and planning what I could do and how I would approach it, all the while not even attempting a tangible start. Reflecting on Adrian’s words, I had somewhat of an epiphany: I am the only one that can facilitate or actualise my success.

Points made in Adrian presentation some-what reminded me of the snippet from the Ricky Gervais Show – 

Prior to this ‘lectorial’ I had envisioned the world of editing as simply correcting others’ faults; now I realise I really couldn’t have been more ignorant. Liam said ‘editing is deliberately breaking things’, never having viewed editing like this I was initially perplexed, yet as he explained further I realise it’s much like a Rubik Cube: taking all the pieces that pre-exist and amalgamating them to work as a cohesive unit. Liam further enshrined his point by simply showing a photo of the infamous Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones and then one of Liberal MP Christopher Pyne, forcing us to make the association: pure evil.  Liam also explored the idea of editing as something that creates meaning, describing how surveillance footage as one continues shot would be boring and insignificant, yet pulling elements out and constructing them thoughtfully, can allow the footage to evoke an entirely different meaning or interpretation.

For those who haven’t seen this –

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