Thursday 1st Instructional

Today in class I WAS ACTUALLY EARLY.
This is literally the first and only time this has happened and we’re in like week 11 or something. Still, I was really proud of myself. Also I drank to much coffee so started to have a bad time, shaky hands, rapid heart beat, feeling nauseous. So even though I was early I wasn’t much use to anyone. Awesome.

Paul talked us through some details of working with cameras and the correct process for setting up a shot. These included adjusting the tripod, attaching the camera, making sure to prevent any mishaps and securing the safety of the equipment and the people using them, and framing the shot before action.

Here are my notes from today:



We had some time at the end of our class, and although we had sketchy plans to do some shooting it was looking less and less likely that we’d get enough. Also there were vague intentions to do a shoot or something like it after class, but everyone had other things on, so we rescheduled for a shoot outside of school hours. We used that last bit of class time to make plans for our shoot on Monday, plans which look like this:


oh yeeahh.

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