Some Early Shootings

I’ve felt really good after starting the process of filming. It’s taken a while for us to get ourselves together so this step forward is really encouraging, and has already wielded some good progress.

We’ve so far done trial shoots (where we are not in costume, just using the writers as actors in place of casting) for mockumentary and sitcom. They’ve been a great asset in fleshing out our scripts and really exemplifying the genre disparities. It’s really brought to the forefront the theoretical question which began our assessment; which genre works the best for us, and in going through all these activities we’re actually assessing this.

Here are some of the shoots we’ve been doing on and off campus.

Sit Com; (multi-cam, straight on, very scripted)


And mockumentary. For this one (my favourite genre of them all) we wanted to communicate that is was someone shooting the video who was bored of listening to the mother’s bitching and also someone who doesn’t really know what makes a good shot, so they fool around a little too much. I think it comes across as okay, could be better..



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