Monday 17th Tutorial

Here are my notes from yesterday’s tutorial

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.02.52 AM

I felt really on top of my game during this tutorial; as if I could handle myself throughout the rest of the semester. This is a pretty alien concept to me, as I’ve been having a bit of a hard time adjusting and feel like I’m not as capable as my other classmates. But I felt really good today, I was engaged with the topic, I found the content really interesting, and I took some really good notes (above).

Learning about the significance of on-side and off-side lighting was really important, and made me want to rewatch Chinatown (I really didn’t like it first time round. Cinema enthusiast sin.)

I’d like to be able to solidify my understanding of this and execute off/on-side lighting. We have been charged with using off-side and on-side lighting in a scene set in RMIT which we then need to story-board and film. We’re to quickly write and plan this scene which would use only three shots. I didn’t get around to filming mine but the plan of my shots is in the above entry and reposted here:

3 shot scene plan (monday 17th)

3 shot scene plan (monday 17th)

And the storyboard for my shots are my shoddy but not completely rubbish drawing here:




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