Reflection: What I Want From This Course

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When I first enrolled for this studio, I had a somewhat skewed view of what would be involved. I thought when I read through the course outline that it would bring me closer to script writing, and writing in general, which is what I’ve only recently realised I should be pursuing. Writing is really what makes me content and I feel I have a good handle of it. Though I’ve enjoyed making content in this and last semester of my university career, I want to angle my classes toward this end in the future. Therefore I wasn’t really anticipating to be so quickly using camera/sound equipment etc., and I feel much less able and confident than my peers.

However as the course outline details and as we’ve discussed in class, the traditional method for production (in that script is finished when beginning pre-production) is what we’ll be experimenting with throughout this course. As well as how and who brings dialogue to fruition. Hopefully through subverting these norms I also get to experiment more with not only the media side of this course, but also the writing side.

I’m also intending to get better (hopefully MUCH better) at using the equipment and get a handle on the proper BTS jargon/terms/rhetoric which will enable me to become an asset on sets.


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