Wk 1, Lesson 2

Today in Writing For Film and Filming For Writing we did our first cross-disciplinary class. I was very happy to find I was in a group with my friend Alex from creative writing who I have known for a few years now – she helped me start my garden and in Sydney I met her parents and her dog. It’s really cool that we get to work together.

During the filming activity I found our group was probably too large, with everyone was eager to get involved. This was good, but sometimes it was a clear class of too many cooks in the kitchen if I may use an overused cliche.

I’m happy we didn’t have to do the editing in this class, and I’m also happy that while I initially volunteered to read the script I did not get chosen. This may make me seem loathe to get involved but I think I suggested some quality ideas and techniques for filming. I did sometimes feel like certain people in my group were overbearing but this perhaps taught me to avoid working with these people on assignments in the future.

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