First impressions – Life is a musical, Individual world

First a disclaimer I have only briefly viewed these films 5 – 10 mins on each


Life is a musical I thought from the title that this would imply some kind of soundtrack like visuals or an idea centred around the sounds of the city/life. This is true to some extent however most of the visual track seems just to be images of traffic passing by some with a consistent rhythm or sound some without. I feel there needs to be a more consistent theme within either the sound or visual track, either way still there were some nice shots and sequences

Individual world is centred around Autumn and the colours and possibly sounds that the season brings to the city. It uses an different style of interface with a bird on a post at the bottom yet or a rainy window as a backdrop. Yet the interface seems unfinished as some videos do not load very well or you end up at a bugged / broken page. The visuals with the captions seem be simply describing a place and then filming it ¬†or just adding something which the author finds interesting and a small comment. The soundtrack is a continuous running of popular classical music while the videos are muted. I feel it’s a combination of the captions and the soundtrack which lead me to dislike this I doc as the way in which they act is too explicit. It feels like the author is really pushing the viewer to find a particular meaning or feeling instead of letting the viewer discover, relate and create their own meaning from the imagery.


You can find the films here



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