Almost Architecture

Almost Architecture is featured in the Korsakow showcase as a database documentary about the Montreal skyline and its signs. It was created in 2007 by Matt Soar and Frances Millerd and features a mix of interviews and landscape shots sequences.

It’s layout is very basic with a primary viewer and 3 sub clip selections. The relations between each clip seems to be arbitrary as they bear no relation. Once you have selected the clip from the database it disappears limiting your choices to the ones you haven’t watched. The structure is non linear, which was a I found to be a very suitable format as each clip can be viewed independently yet as you begin watching your understanding about the subjects and themes grows and you begin to notice their relations to one another.

Most of the sequences feature an interview with an expert on one of the issues involved with the signs which Matt soar often juxtaposes with an interviewee with the opposite perspective. The end result leaves the viewer with an fairly balanced view of the issue leaving them to build their own opinion. Other sequences feature shots of the various signs and city scape as well as the workshop where they are created. What I really enjoyed about these sequences was their soundscape weather it be the atmospheric sounds of the city or the work shop it sets the scene and transports the viewer.

The primary issues the documentary builds on is the function of signs on the city scape and what they symbolise to how they gain iconic value over time. It also examines the effect of sounds on the environment in Montreal drawing comparisons with Times square. After watching the documentary I have to say that I agree with the architects point of view in that signs for the most part do not make a positive contribution to aesthetic value on the space. Although I do agree that they can evolve to become important Icons of the city they also have a dual purpose, to advertise the brand/company. It is because of this that I think they should not really be considered as defining a skyline or character of a city as I feel unique and interesting architecture performs this function to a greater level.

Take 15 mins to try It out you and leave a comment

you can find the doco here:


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