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I’m sitting here in class right now and my tutor Betty has asked us to ever so kindly post a blog about 3 other peoples blogs in the class….

1. In my previous blogs I basically slammed the HMTL test and expressed my hatred for it, although on the other hand other people like Rebecca can see the light in HTML and how it actually will be an insightful experience to have once venturing out into the future. After reading her blog post I may of changed my mind about the pointlessness of HMTL and that it probably actually will help in in future circumstances.

2. Brady challenges the lecture in week 3 as we spoke about how stories and paper books have a literal “beginning, middle and end” and that the internet does does have a linear structure. His blog post contradicts this theory and is very insightful and leaves you questioning.

3. And finally always ending on a good note just the best scene in shrek that everyone can quote and loves to quote, “the muffin man”. Nat has attached the youtube clip to her blog, and it just gets me every time! love it!



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