I have been really confused over these past couple of weeks to understand what hypertext actually is and I knew that it was probably the simplest thing ever…. and it is. 

I literally just did it, by my making a link with the world hypertext.
From what I understand hypertext is a system in which allows cross-referencing from related sections or words from a text to a further understanding of that text, it allows associated graphic material to connect with the text.

I found the point made in George P Landow’s, reading really interesting. Quote “as I urge my student that we must write with awareness, that we are writing int he presence of other texts”….
This is something that a lot of people don’t think about, the internet links everything between everything, its not like a book where you can just read whats on the paper and thats all it is, the only way you can reference it is by physically writing who you are quoting which makes it hard for that person who you quoted to find it. On the internet youcan just search that name and everything ever said about them will pop up right onto your screen. 


‘Engineer Vannevar Bush wrote “As We May Think” in 1945 describing his conception of the Memex, a machine that could implement what we now call hypertext. His aim was to help humanity achieve a collective memory with such a machine and avoid the use of scientific discoveries for destruction and war.’

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