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In this weeks reading I personally just find it so funny how Nelson constantly has to say (if human species survive) after mentioning anything about the future, by ‘future’ I mean 2020…..which is 6 years away, sorry Nelson but I think your doubts on human kind has been over ruled and I’m pretty positive we will still be here in 2020.

A quote from the reading

“The world of paper is at least unified and compatible. Objects can be easily mixed and matched. Books manuscripts and notes can be stored on the shelf, opened on the same text. you need not to start up, initialise or insert a disk before opening a magazine.”
Now this may of been all well and true back in 1992, although now you can read magazines online which can be easier to access rather then going all the way the shops to go an buy one. The internet and “hypertext” has become so much more convenient over the years rather then becoming a burden on print media it has enhanced audiences opportunities to have more access to media.

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