What I think on: ‘As We May Think” (Vannevar Bush)

Week 3 Reading ‘As We May Think’ by Vannevar Bush

One of the points made in the editor’s opening paragraph stuck out to me, “For years inventions have extended man’s physical powers rather than the powers of his mind”.

In thinking back over the my (short) lifespan of 20 years, the technology around us has imploded exponentially. I remember when my family bought our first “ipod” in 2004 – not knowing anything about it! Now close to 75% of our student body would own an iPhone or iPod, and if not some form of ‘smartphone’.

My point is through the physical manifestation of the smartphone it has extended the power of our ‘minds’.

The more technology which gets developed, the further platforms we can base for new creations. We are continuing to create and invent, quicker then it takes to learn how to use the new technology. Facebook changes its ‘News Feed’ format every month, and every time we complain “I hate the new Facebook, don’t know how to use it!”, but nevertheless by the time the next change rolls around we are learning again.

Though I understand the term “inventions have extended man’s physical powers, rather than the powers of his mind”, I don’t agree. Yes, the invention of microscopes sharpen the eye’s vision (physically), but the knowledge that we can garner through the help of the microscope is paramount.