Last Workshop!

Seems hard to believe that we are in the last week of the semester. And today’s mark the last workshop for the semester. How time flies.There are some mix feelings in me knowing that this class almost come to an end but at the same time, I was happy that there will be no class afterwards. Since it is the last day of workshop, Rachel and other classmates brought some foods and cookies to be enjoyed together in class. (cookies was nice, thanks Rachel!)

Dylan was away from today’s class since he got some stuff to be finish off at home, which left only Daniel and I to present our final draft for our research. Knowing that I missed several meeting before, I had all my part done before the class start and brought along with me all the materials I gained from my topic. Daniel were quite surprised but hey, it’s a good stuff aight?

We went through some discussions about what are the things that we are lacking off. We touched on the general format of the website, what can be done or improved. We also talked about what are the things that we could add on to make it more interactive rather than just plain text all the way down.


Besides, we also need to present our draft to the whole class. I wasn’t prepared for the presentation so basically Daniel and I only summarize what we already had. Rachel’s feedback help a lots as she asked us to include some videos or maybe pictures into our website and this is kind of the same with the discussions I had with Daniel before the presentation.

Before leaving, we set up another final meet up before submission due and hopefully we can smash this out!


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