Brief 4 Reflections

In my last project brief for my first semester in RMIT, I have been grouped with two new friends, Daniel and Dylan. Honestly speaking, this last project brief is so far the toughest ones I have encountered with due to the challenges faced throughout the research. I have been lucky to be in the same group with Dylan and Daniel where both of them are very idealistic and commit in finishing this project brief. Even there are some challenges for example, we need to postpone our meeting twice due to our personal problems, we are proud to say that we manage to finish our project brief.

For our last assessment for the semester, we have been assigned to do a specific research about ‘audience’. It is quite a challenge since at the first two or three weeks, we still haven’t got any clue on what we are going to focus on. But with Rachel’s help, and others commitment, we finally ended up decided on to explore the differences between broadcast cultures in two different country, Australia and Malaysia. The focus of our research is basically the comparison of Malaysian and Australian (or Western) news. The Malaysian culture still uses a conceptually broadcast era media format to present their news, with the vast majority of news being told through a single, Government run news program once a night, broadcasting to a mass audience. We compared this to the post-broadcast western culture, which has many different news programs available for very specific demographics, as well as a higher level of reliance on internet based news. Exploring other cultures is always fun, yet challenging. We decided to talk about the different between the broadcast cultures had in Malaysia, which is full with government rules and related it back with the ones which Australia had, more open and have specific programs for specific audience.

The most successful part of this project I think is that we manage to differentiate the broadcast and audience culture between this two countries. We are also able to discover more about the broadcast and post broadcast era and find out which one is preferable in this modern world society. We also manage to figure out the reasons why Malaysia still have some issue related to censorship, and how Malaysia’s media has been shaped by its government’s laws. Furthermore, the communication among the three of us are good as well. Even though we weren’t able to meet up that often, but each one of us respect and trying to communicate to each other either through email, Facebook messenger or even text messages. By doing so, we were able to cope with what’s we are left behind.

But in the meantime, I also realized that there are some lacking in our research. The least successful things for this project is we obviously can talk more about the different between these two broadcast cultures. Also, I personally thinks that there could be some more creative side in our blog, means more interactive pictures and videos can be uploaded to show the real different between these two countries in term of broadcasting. Pictures draw a thousand words, means more picture or videos is much more meaningful than text. But I am also quite happy that we manage to thoroughly explain about the differences.

During our second and final draft presentation before submission, we received a lots of feedback from Rachel and it is kind of encouraging us to do more for this project. Only during the last few weeks before the submission we barely manage to have a clear ideas on what are we going to talk about and how do we want to present it. We choose ‘website’ because we do think it is one of the easiest and effective way to talk and spread the information about our topic.

As for myself, with this project, I am able to understand more about broadcast cultures I had back in my country and also be able to compare it with other country audience cultures. I must admit that there are a lots need to be improved back in Malaysia in term of their news delivering ethics.

Last but not least, this project have thought and give me a better view on how each country media is shaped off. To have a view about my country from a different perspective really make me understand on how the media in Malaysia is working and how it is being differentiate from other country such as Australia. There are of course pros and cons, but I need to admit that I need to be open and sensitive towards what other may think especially when talking about sensitive issue, for example back in Malaysia. Hoping to work in media management field, I managed to learn about the management of media in two different countries and also have realize that it is not easy to please everyone.

I also learn that how crucial good communication could be when working in group. By communicate a lots through email and other messaging apps, we are able to keep everyone update on what each one of us need to do even we do not have a chance to meet up that often due to other commitments and clash. Overall, I am pleased with the results and hoping to work with these two guys next time.

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