The relationship between Shot Construction & Lighting

When coming across this topic of discussion I am faced with a large variety of questions to explore.

  • How is lighting used in coverage?
  • How does lighting effect shot construction?
  • How is the shot filmed around lighting?
  • Is lighting important to a shot construction and or coverage.

Each of these questions I have in some way answered throughout my blog posts this semester.

I feel as though lighting is quite possibly the most important source for film and shot construction. Usually overlooked, the lighting of a film set is often seen as an unappreciated art form. “The tireless work of a skilled lighting technician typically goes unnoticed by the movie going masses and, when done properly, that’s the way it should be. Natural yet synthetic, subtle yet bold, the final product should effectively be a paradox: an unseen vision.” (Bookman, 2014)

It allows the audience to understand the difference between happy and sad, dramatic and warm, and light and dark. Without lighting how is the audience able to express and feel the emotions the actors are creating within the storyline? How can the audience connect with these actors?
Cecil B DeMille once said “lighting is to film what music is to opera”.

The relationship lighting has with shot construction is simple, it lights the way for the audience to see emotion and visual representation of a scene. They work well together as it shows us dramatic, crime, comedic, sci-fi, family, mysterious, loveable or musical representation and helps us connect with the certain genre the director is wanting us to feel. Without lighting it is hard to seek emotion.

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