Captioning it right- Project 4

I’ve decided to expand on applying the caption option on twitter after getting feedback on our progress on Friday. Using captions to try to work with the .gif files is restricting` because you’re only allowed 140 characters in a tweet which affects the creative process. However, In my opinion this makes me think out of the box to find interesting way to express yourself, especially when we’re trying to establish a gaming community through twitter.

Previously, Steve and I used short simple captions like: ‘oh no’, ‘fuck’ and etc., this was directed towards a specific audience, an audience of gamers who would understand what had happened in the game.  We assumed the captions would only be read by gamers who took an interest in these ideas, but after discussion, we found that if we were to add a more descriptive caption it would be able to be viewed and understood by a wider audience – hence we’ve expanded on this approach of caption in our latest couple tweets – adding as much description as possible so the images and gifs would be easier to understand.

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