The Closing Ceremony

Adrian need not fear that networked media has ended on a muted whimper. I feel very sorry for those that didn’t attend this final unsymposium, because the picture of an incomplete and uncompleteable picture was completed. Or, put more simply, all the stuff we have been talking about from all different disciplines, all the stuff we have been doing, and what we have been working towards or on (a journey not a goal) was drawn together to explain the last semester, to some degree. It made me kind of sad actually, how I left the lecture theatre reeling with how ingenious and forward (sideways and up and down) thinking this subject has been. The structure is so unique in a tertiary institution, and yet the merit for our actual learning processes is invaluable. The unsymposium made me wish I had known the worth of what I was participating in as an experience from the start, however due to the fact that it was an experiential undertaking I could never have known, and if I had it would have been less valuable.


I can say that this subject has changed my opinions on what I thought I was getting into with this degree – as my ride home from uni, the chair I’m sitting on right now, and the next second will too. But, it’s changed it in a way that is kind of reassuring. We do have agency, we can shape our own careers to be what we want them to be, and we don’t need permission.


Adrian, it hasn’t been a conveyor belt subject, it’s been an experience, and a valuable one at that. Good luck with fighting off the next reluctant students, and thank you for your persistence. An open mind is the most worthy cause!